Our Mission: Technology Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Vision, Values, & Commitments

Computime is your source for technology solutions that meet your needs, from electronic signature pads, to multi-touch monitors and digital tablets. We are committed to exceeding your expectations rather than simply being a “me too” provider.

For more than 30 years we have developed the ability, opportunity and experience to recognize how the term “value-add” can apply to the traditional logistics functions of warehousing and shipping … and then to extend to you the benefits beyond simple delivery. No-excuse service and unquestioned product performance – isn’t this what you deserve?

  • Quality: Devoting our efforts to achieve the highest degree of excellence in products and the people who deliver and support those products
  • Integrity: Total adherence to our personal and business code of ethics
  • Teamwork: Working together with customers and suppliers in putting completion of the task ahead of personal goals to deliver world-class service and products
  • Loyalty: Being responsible and trustworthy to customers, suppliers and our own employees
  • Respect: Our confidence in the abilities, strength, and sincerity of our employees, customers and suppliers
  • Communication: Our interactive approach to an effective exchange of ideas
  • Community: Protecting and preserving environmental sustainability through our policies, practices, partnerships, and products

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